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Below are some examples of genuine testimonials we have received, simply click on the names to reveal the details.


3 months ago I was overweight, completely unfit and deeply lacking in confidence. I've now lost 2 and a half stone, I have muscle definition for the first time in my life and I take hour-long runs - for fun! The change in my life is remarkable. I cannot thank you enough Richard - you've been a godsend.

Dave Deason

At the end of July 2013 I completed the Lakeland 100 mile race in a time of 30 hours. I would like to thank you Richard for helping me with my strength and conditioning training and for the advice you have given me each week.

David Rouse

Approaching 40 and having not been serious about any form of exercise for a number of years Richard was just what the doctor ordered.  Confidence restored and strength, energy and commitment to my own fitness regained - thank you Richard.  If you are looking for someone to show you the way Richard is the perfect trainer, friendly and challenging at the same time.

Matt Black

"It has been a fantastic experience receiving personal training with Richard.  I have achieved so much due to his immense knowledge of nutrition, cardio vascular and weight training. I have lost a total of 28 lbs.(2 stone) and I'm the fittest and strongest I have ever been.

Richard taught me you don't need to grind out hours of boring routines to be fit. I now spend 45mins in the gym with exercises that deliver maximum results."

Helen Child

I love Richard's sensible, down to earth approach. The best things about training with him are that; Yes, I can now run faster.  Yes, I'm a little leaner too.  And yes, there is so much more to learn from his knowledge. The best thing, the very best thing is that you know he actually wants you to improve, to be the best & fittest you can be.  His passion for achieving results is infectious is a great road to run with him and a fun one too!  Richard you're the best!
I was going to write; in the words of Tina Turner, Richard, you are simply the best!!!

Mike Meehan

I have been a client of Richard for over 2 years. I first visited him after suffering a football injury that resulted in a non repairable and lifetime deteriorating knee condition. During my time working with Richard he has not only kept me mobile but he has improved my overall fitness to a level I never realised could be possible. I am so very grateful for your expertise and dedication.

Caroline Battersby

Richard Mason has been an unfailing and impressive support in my fitness requirements. I wanted to get fit and lose weight after the birth of my second child; Richard has changed my mindset about exercise,by making it a priority and constantly counselling me through the rigours of trying to maintain and decrease my weight. His no nonsense approach means my excuses all sound rather lame and makes success the only option, he should be available on the NHS!

Sarah Patterson

I have been a client of Richard Mason Fitness for 3 years and Richard has helped me to meet my goal of completing an Ironman distance triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 mile run) for the first time at the age of 50.  Richard's straight forward and no nonsense training methods are excellent.  He has the ability to motivate people to achieve things they did not initially think were possible.

Chris Lawson

Richard's guidance and training has been invaluable over the last few years and I have no hesitation in recommending him and will continue to use RMF in the future.



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