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Sports Therapy

Whether your problem is related to sports, work or lifestyle, we can guide you to a full recovery.

The way we sleep, stand, sit, work, walk and exercise, has an effect on our bodies that can sometimes manifest itself as pain or discomfort. 

Sarah Mason is clinically trained to identify and treat a range of pathologies and musculoskeletal injuries/ailments/dysfunction.  Sarah is an excellent initial point of contact for an accurate interpretation of your condition.

She will identify the causes of your injury and chronic pain, find the fastest way to alleviate it, and help to prevent recurrence. In short... she will treat the causes of conditions and injuries, not just simply the symptoms. If you are an athlete, she can also employ her skills to help maintain optimum conditioning throughout the season, to assist your recovery from training and competition and to enhance your level of performance.


Initial Consultation  & Assessment FREE
£12.00 per 20 minute Treatment
£25.00 per 40 minute Treatment
£35.00 per 60 minute Treatment

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